StandardĀ Support Package

When a system failure occurs, for example due to a part breaking, a standard hardware maintenance contract will only cover replacement of the broken part. Data restoration and resumption of business is not included in this service. With an Invisible Solutions Ltd Standard package we will do whatever is necessary to restore your failed system to business functionality within a specified response time. Therefore you can be confident that, should a system failure occur, you can be up and running again quickly with minimal disruption.

Package Elements:

  • Assigned primary IT technician
  • Remote incident resolution
  • On site response to hardware or critical systems failure
  • Liaison with hardware maintenance company to arrange parts replacement
  • Procurement of replacement parts where not covered by warranty
  • Restoration of business system after hardware or other failure
  • Unlimited remote support
  • Unlimited call-outs (up to 2 hours per visit)


Included in this service is an assessment of the data backup procedures and data security provision of your business. This allows us to implement an arrangement that minimises the time taken to restore business functionality after a system failure.

This package suits businesses that do not require regular monthly visits, but who need the confidence that their systems can be restored to business functionality quickly should a system failure occur, whether this is through remote or on-site support.

Response Times:

  • Whilst we offer response times defined by the client, our standard times provide a response within 4 hours for a server problem and 8 hours for a workstation


  • Standard Support is charged as an annual fee payable monthly or quarterly
  • The exact amount is dependent on the overall size and complexity of the clients’ network

Callout charges are included in the Standard Support Package

Call: 01604 935065 or Email:

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